Who Spreads Misinformation to UFT?

Who Spreads Misinformation to UFT?

UFT’s Unity Caucus claims dissidents are spreading misinformation. I guess I’m a dissident, now that I have determined retiree benefits really should not be minimize. Leadership’s conclusion to really encourage cuts by pitting in-services users against retirees goes towards every little thing a union really should stand for.

Leadership now cries any individual who isn’t going to stick to the occasion line is a liar. This, of system, is their conventional MO. And make no error, it can be argumentum ad hominem, the follow of insulting your opponent rather than engaging in honest discourse. It can be logical fallacy. That is what you go to when you do not, in actuality, have an genuine argument. 

Retirees have been thrust into the battle of their lives, trying to retain the health and fitness treatment they’ve attained and liked for a long time. Michael Mulgrew and the MLC want to change it with a Medicare Edge prepare to save the town cash. 

It can be an odd posture, due to the fact the metropolis is supposed to be our adversary when we negotiate. Mulgrew sides with the town. He and his modest military of UFT staff and would-be personnel, the Unity Caucus, are now creating us, the membership, his adversaries. They get in touch with us names. They ridicule us. They need we cease battling to maintain our rights. 

This is not what union is for. (If you might be curious about what union is for, and what a single can do, go through this e book.)

They assert they are preventing for choice. On the other hand, the decision they propose retirees confront, as they get by on described pensions, is the decision of paying 5K per few, per calendar year if they would like to keep the care the town has supplied for decades. Normally, they will be saddled with inferior treatment that will price them, at the really least, time getting methods that CVS/ Aetna isn’t going to experience like shelling out for. They will not have entry to nearly the number of medical doctors that choose common Medicare, and if they reside everywhere but NY or Florida, they will not be served nicely at all.

But let us communicate about who truly spreads misinformation. This arrives from my notes on the UFT Delegate Assembly Oct 12, 2018:

Mulgrew—Health treatment negotiated with all unions. Accomplished 6 months in the past. MLC
thought anything undesirable could happen with health and fitness treatment simply because of DC. We
required to lock in a deal. No additional copays, but designed a alter for
all unions. We tried to get program in improved position. Was proactive
method. Has been out for 6 months. Was good factor to lock down our
wellbeing care with no sizeable expense ships to union membership. Other folks
fork out 3200 out of pocket. We are only employees who can get ideas with no
rates connected. If UFT associates get most cancers they can go to Memorial
Sloan Kettering—this is with HIP, also Hospital of Specific Surgery. Go
read it right before you tie it to this contract. 

Let’s look at that. UFT President Michael Mulgrew advised us there had been no more copays. Shortly thereafter, it price tag us $150 to go to an ER, up from 50. It expense us $50 to go to an Urgent Care. I do not recall what is was in advance of, but which is a hike. We just uncovered that Pro Wellness Urgent Treatment will run $100. And if you want to go for an MRI anywhere but RadNet, it will price you $100. 

Aren’t these additional copays?

And pardon me, but isn’t 5K a 12 months to keep the health and fitness treatment you will need in your most vulnerable years a substantial value? Is not it particularly important to users who retired with reduced salaries, like UFT paraprofessionals and DC37 staff? 

Who is genuinely spreading misinformation? Here is what Unity Caucus tweeted:


We know now that real misinformation originated from Mulgrew, the selection 1 Big Kahoona of the Unity Caucus. Let us search at their other accusation–spreading panic. The fact is UFT President Michael Mulgrew despatched us an e mail stating that if we did not concede to the mayor’s need to demean overall health care for retirees, he would impose a premium on overall health treatment for in-support employees. Let us established aside the simple fact that the mayor does not have the proper to do this unilaterally, and is certain to negotiate. Mulgrew’s danger is a basic attraction to anxiety, additional sensible fallacy.

It seems Mulgrew’s Unity Caucus, apart from indulging in numerous and sundry rational fallacies, wishes to challenge its possess shortcomings on these of us who combat to secure member legal rights.

As for the “buy,” Jonathan has clear proof, in Scheinman’s own text, on why it is not, in fact, any this sort of thing. 

It truly is absolutely disgraceful that the President of our Union fights tooth and nail to diminish our health and fitness treatment. And the actuality is, by making an attempt to slap a 5K penalty on any retiree few who wishes to keep conventional Medicare, he is in truth imposing a extremely considerable premium. He is minimizing our compensation, one particular way or a different, through health and fitness treatment expenses, just like Scott Walker and each individual other tinhorn anti-union politician did. 

The UFT requirements leadership that will combat for us, not the mayor, not the NYC treasury, and definitely not CVS/Aetna.