Take control of lactose intolerance

Take control of lactose intolerance
Ice cream sundae on a marble counter next to a tub of Milkaid lactase enzyme chewable tablets to treat lactose intolerance

For an approximated 4 million people today in the Uk, milk, ice cream and other dairy products are off the menu because of to lactose intolerance.

This is unlucky simply because milk and products this kind of as cheese and yoghurt are packed with vitamins and minerals that are effective to our overall health. In specific, they are terrific sources of protein and calcium. They also offer several other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, B natural vitamins, vitamin D, phosphorous and potassium.

Alongside one another, these nutrition lead to preserving our muscle tissue, bones, tooth, skin, eyesight and anxious technique wholesome. They are especially useful as we get more mature to ward off age-connected situations these kinds of as osteoporosis. This is of individual worry to females post-menopause, when hormonal alterations guide to reduced bone density. Calcium is specifically essential for supporting us preserve solid bones. And vitamin D is useful simply because it allows us soak up calcium from our food stuff.

What is lactose intolerance?

It is really worth noting that lactose intolerance is not the exact as a milk or dairy allergy. It is a digestive problem triggered by the overall body currently being not able to crack down lactose.

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy foodstuff, and to crack it down, we need to have an enzyme identified as lactase. Most of us can deliver all the lactase we want in the modest intestine. For these who can not, that is when lactose intolerance will become a dilemma.

The outcome can be unpleasant indications together with bloating, stomach cramps, wind and diarrhoea. You can keep away from these outcomes by reducing out dairy from your diet plan, but that can be really restrictive – particularly if you enjoy consuming out. It also means summer treats such as ice cream are strictly off-limits.

You can love dairy again

The superior news? It’s quick to major up the lactase in your process with Milkaid. Every raspberry-flavoured pill is made up of a dose of 3000 ALU of lactase. This indicates chewing just 1 or two tablets quickly just before consuming any food stuff containing lactose must be enough to aid you crack it down.

Remaining so easy to just take, Milkaid is ideal when you are having out. And since lots of small children develop lactose intolerance right before the age of 10, there is also Milkaid Junior – strawberry flavoured tablets appropriate for small children aged 3 and over.

Alternatively, test Milkaid Drops – include 3 drops to 500ml of milk and refrigerate for 24 hours. It breaks down the lactose by up to 70%, so you can enjoy milk in your cup of tea or on your cereal without fear of uncomfortable effects. Or include 10 drops for up to 99% lactose reduction.

Milkaid includes no artificial flavours, gluten or yeast. 

Treat lactose intolerance with the Milkaid range including chewable tablets, lactase enzyme drops and Milkaid Junior for kids

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