Surrey news: Teen girl swarmed outside school

Surrey news: Teen girl swarmed outside school

A Surrey mom is calling for justice after a disturbing attack on her teenage daughter that was captured on video and posted on social media.

“That is disgusting,” said the mother of the 15-year-old victim. “These kids are disgusting and something needs to be done.”

In video of the attack, a girl can be heard screaming, “Go, go, go, hit her” as the victim is punched and kicked. The victim, who is in Grade 9, can be heard crying and repeatedly saying she is sorry.

Despite her apologies, the teenage girls continue to attack the victim, chasing her as she tries to flee.

They corner her and make her kiss their shoes.

“They degraded her and made her kiss their shoes because beating her wasn’t enough,” said her mom as she wept.

“Emotionally she’s not OK…she’s terrified to leave the house. She won’t even walk to our mailbox, which is 10 feet from our house. She’s asked me not to send her back to school.”

The victim’s mom said her daughter has a fractured nose, two black eyes, a swollen face, and bruising and scratches on her body.

The attack happened Saturday night on the school grounds at Hillcrest Elementary. Surrey RCMP were called after reports of screaming.

“It is extremely concerning that so many people stood by and allowed this to continue without taking any actions to help the victim or contact police,” said Cpl. Vannessa Munn.

“If you were one of those people there, we are encouraging you to reach out and speak with investigators.”

Munn said that one youth was “specifically identified as the aggressor in the incident and was arrested and later released on an undertaking to a guardian with a future court date.”

Meanwhile, the victim’s mom told CTV News that they don’t have a clear picture of exactly why this happened, but that her daughter was lured to the school grounds. The mom said the teens were apparently mad that the victim had invited a boy they didn’t like to a birthday party.

The mom said her daughter doesn’t understand why they targeted her.

“She keeps telling me, ‘Mom, I did the right thing and I walked away and they still kept hurting me.’”

The victim’s mom said she wants justice for her daughter, who was taken to hospital but has since been released.

“They can’t just be charged and put through programs and hope they do better. The kids did a vicious attack on my daughter.”

Meanwhile, Munn encouraged parents who may recognize their child, or one of their child’s friends, in the video to contact RCMP.