Support pours in for Drayke Hardman’s family after 12-year-old’s suicide

STANSBURY PARK, Utah — Communities across Utah are using the hashtag #doitfordrayke to show their support for the grieving family of Drayke Hardman.

Hardman, who was just 12-years-old, died by suicide last week.

Ryan Stream, a motivational speaker used social media to speak out about the incident.

“Two kids here in Utah, committed suicide because they were bullied in school,” said Stream, referencing the death last year of 10-year-old Izzy Tichenor.

Stream has felt the impact that suicide can have.

“My biological mother committed suicide,” said Stream. “Five years ago, I was going to commit suicide, I hit 110 miles an hour and I was going to run it into a cement block wall about three miles outside of town.”

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That is why Stream is using social media to spread positivity.

“If somebody calls you short, say, ‘Hey you are right, I wish I was tall.’ When somebody calls you fat, say, ‘Hey I like to eat good food.’ When somebody calls you stupid, just say, ‘Hey I wish I was as smart as you.’ Don’t let somebody with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence destroy you,” Smith said.

The support for Drayke and his family can be seen in many forms and in many communities across the state and elsewhere.

From signs, to stickers with #doitfordrayke, to even people lighting up their homes purple, Drayke’s favorite color.

“I felt like any form of support that the other communities can give to them to show that we’re thinking about them would also mean the world to them as they’re going through this,” said Hilarie Warenski, supporting Drayke with purple lights on her home.

With all of the support, the hope is also to bring some understanding to the impact bullying can have.

“I mean the thing about, with bullying is it’s not going to be 100% safe, but at least this can bring awareness to continue talking to our kids about it,” said Warenski.

Raising awareness it what Stream hopes his video on social media can ultimately do.

“What happened to Drayke is making a difference in our state and all across the world,” he said. “If you don’t think you can make a difference? I would like for you to reconsider that thought and speak out.”

FOX 13 News did speak with a family member of Drayke’s on Thursday. They tell us the family is thankful and grateful for all of the community support here and across the world.

They added that it’s heartwarming for a very brokenhearted family to see everyone rally around Drayke and this movement he has created.