Steal Like a Teacher: Where to find quick teaching ideas

Steal Like a Teacher: Where to find quick teaching ideas

We lecturers are the Finest at stealing factors.

And I will not suggest that in a legal, nefarious way.

I imagine Austin Kleon points out it best in his e-book, Steal Like an Artist

Each individual artist gets requested the concern, “Where do you get your tips?” The trustworthy artist answers, “I steal them.” 

How does an artist seem at the globe? Very first, you figure out what is actually truly worth thieving, then you go on to the up coming factor. That is about all there is to it.

I indicate, it only makes feeling. We academics are notoriously short on time. (When you program your toilet breaks in progress, it is really a very good indicator that you are time-strapped.)

This is an additional issue about us lecturers. We’re also tremendous generous. We share thoughts with fellow educators, pupils … truly everyone who can advantage.

That indicates there is certainly a lot of fantastic things out there, but it isn’t excellent for specifically what we require to do.

So, what do we do?

We steal.* Then we remix, reuse and repurpose. We assign it to our pupils.

Then we transfer on to the future matter.

Want to get greater at this critical talent — one thing that can help you get extra accomplished AND provide your students?

In this submit you can expect to discover …

  • How to come across superior content you can use in class
  • How to steal it (duplicate, remix, change, and assign)
  • How to reduce WAY down on flashcard sets and critique games you create
  • How to locate pre-composed classes in popular apps
  • How to uncover “copy, modify, and assign” classes to use correct away

Know of extra methods? Make sure you share them in the responses beneath.  Because, you know … we’re generous … and we like to enable other teachers’ stealing practices! 

*Notice: Make sure you usually give credit history to the original creator. We unquestionably do not signify for any one to steal other educator’s strategies and go them off as their individual. Acquire, borrow, steal and remix as you like, and is allowed by CC and/or the creator, but give a shout out to the authentic creator when you share or existing.