Neighborhood shaken after shots fired into a home

Neighborhood shaken after shots fired into a home

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – The Grand Junction Police Department is investigating a shooting from Wednesday night.

The department said around 9:45 p.m., they received several calls about shots being fired in the 300 block of Fairview Avenue, just off Riverside Pkwy. When officers arrived, they immediately began searching for suspects.

One woman who lives across the street from a home that was hit said she was asleep and was woken up by the commotion.

“I just heard a popping noise, you know, pop pop pop pop, and I woke up and I looked out the window,” said Lucille Aragon. She said she thought someone was breaking into a trailer she has on her property, but soon discovered that wasn’t the case.

“Then I heard more pops and I jumped back in bed and I’m like, I’m not getting out of bed. I was afraid.”

Aragon said her family has lived in the area for generations. The neighborhood, she says is normally a quiet, safe place. This is the first time she’s seen anything like this happen.

This is usually a pretty safe community you know, we’re all doing good,” said Aragon. “We watch out for each other and whatnot down here. And for somebody to come and do that and interrupt our community like that and get us all afraid, you know, it’s shame on them.”

The Grand Junction Police did detain six people and took them to the station for questioning, but they were released shortly after.

Aragon said she knows the family who lives in the home that was hit by bullets and has spoken to her since the shooting.

“She’s doing okay, but I just feel for her you know, because she’s a really nice lady and her husband, they’re very nice,” said Aragon. “So I just pray for them and hope all the best for them.”

The Grand Junction Police believe this is an isolated incident and say there is no ongoing threat to the community at this time. Anyone who may have information about the shooting is asked to call the Grand Junction Police Department.

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