How to Remove Google Forms Add-ons

How to Remove Google Forms Add-ons

Previous 7 days my Android notified me that I experienced 22 applications that I hadn’t made use of in the very last 30 days. I took that as a excellent reminder to do an audit of all the items related to my Google account and disable or uninstall the apps, extensions, and increase-ons that I no more time use. That method incorporated eradicating some Google Forms include-ons as well as some Google Slides include-ons. 

If it has been a though considering that you final did an audit of the insert-ons related to your Google Workspace products, now’s a superior time to do that. When you find a thing that you no longer will need, take out it. This limited online video displays you how to get rid of incorporate-ons from Google Kinds. The method is practically equivalent for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. 

Video – How to Get rid of Google Varieties Insert-ons

On a similar be aware, if you have Chrome extensions installed that you no lengthier need to have, view this online video to find out how to get rid of them.

Video clip – How to Take care of Your Chrome Extensions

Applications for Training

Performing an audit of the 3rd-occasion equipment linked to your Google account is a excellent digital citizenship behavior to train to college students. Manual them via the course of action and demonstrate to them that the fewer third-bash providers you have connected to your account, the much less opportunities there are for your account to be compromised.