Free Technology for Teachers: I’m Feeling Lucky

Free Technology for Teachers: I’m Feeling Lucky

Google Earth is just one of my all-time most loved instruments for teaching geography and historical past classes. Two of my favorite methods to use Google Earth in the classroom are outlined beneath. 

From voyages to online games to easy measuring resources, the web variation of Google Earth has a large amount of neat capabilities that can aid students master about the environment. Just one of people neat capabilities is the “I’m Emotion Fortunate” button that is uncovered on the remaining hand toolbar in Google Earth. Clicking that button will acquire learners to a randomly-chosen put in the planet. 

On its possess the “I am Experience Fortunate” button supplies a superior way for students to discover new places. That claimed, college students learn a lot more through the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button  if you give them a little more course than just “click the button and search all-around.” That’s why I designed a minimal problem sheet to prompt learners to do a minor research about the locations they explore in Google Earth through “I am Feeling Fortunate.” My issue sheet can be observed below as a Google Doc

This quick video clip demonstrates how college students can take a look at Google Earth in much more detail after clicking “I’m Emotion Lucky.” out?v=2cccOuKFEno

The Amazing Race is the only fact recreation exhibit that I have viewed with curiosity for as prolonged as it has been on television. Yrs back I created a classroom activity centered on the identical premise of the show. Past spring I updated that game with some new graphics and new troubles and then released it as a PDF on

Recording a Google Earth tour is the capstone exercise in All over the Entire world With Google Earth. There are a few of means that pupils can do that. Learners who are utilizing the desktop variation of Google Earth can use the created-in recorder. Learners who are working with the web edition of Google Earth can use a screencasting software like Screencastify to record a tour

In this small video I demonstrate how to file a Google Earth tour in your world wide web browser by utilizing Screencastify. at?v=JYgqKSfsDX8