Five teenage boys attacked in a bathroom at Canoga Park mall

Five teenage boys attacked in a bathroom at Canoga Park mall

Parents are angry and demanding action after three suspects attacked their teenage boys at a Canoga Park Mall on Sunday. 

“They lost their ring, they lost their necklace, they got hit,” said one of the parents Adam Johansson. “Three men followed my son and four of his friends to the bathroom, attacked them and robbed him.”

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Westfield mall are investigating the violent robbery where two of the five boys were injured.

“The safety and well-being of our entire community and everyone visiting and working at Westfield Topanga is our highest priority,” the mall’s management said in a statement. “We are partnering with local law enforcement to investigate the incident.”

The teenagers were in a bathroom when the suspects attacked them. Another parent, David Leif said that the suspect slammed one of the teenager’s heads into the ground. The suspects also kicked the teen’s head. Aside from the physical abuse, the suspects also stole the boys’ phones, jewelry and IDs before fleeing the scene.

Leif said his son was terrified when he returned home and said that he was not comfortable wearing his chain anymore.

“He didn’t get his chain stolen,” said Leif. “He had [taken] it off and gave it back to me. And said I’m not comfortable wearing this anymore.”

The mall has been a target of thieves in recent months, with an attempted robbery at a jewelry store where one person was injured and a smash-and-grab-robbery where suspects stormed a Nordstrom.

“This morning we woke up and it completely turned to anger,” said Johansson. “I want our community back. I want Los Angeles back to the way it used to be. We have to hold whether it’s Westfield accountable [or] elected officials accountable. Crime and violence have to be dealt with.”