Family of Oklahoma 1-year-old dog attack survivor hires lawyer

Family of Oklahoma 1-year-old dog attack survivor hires lawyer

SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – The family of a 1-year-old significantly injured in a pitbull attack is firing back at the Oklahoma Co. Sheriff’s Office through their attorney. 

“Childhood play is not child neglect, period,” said Tommy Adler. “Regardless of the age, he’s supervised, and he has a right to be on his property outdoors.” 

Adler is representing J.J. Rodriguez’s family. 

On Monday, the Oklahoma Co. Sheriff’s Office told KFOR that the toddler was left unattended during the attack. The sheriff’s office also stated the dog owners did not have a fence around their property. 

For that matter, J.J.’s parents and the dog’s owners could face charges. 

“This is an accident, a tragic accident. But it’s one that could have been prevented,” said Sheriff Johnson. 

“The law specifically says if an accident happens, there’s no crime,” said Tommy Adler, firing back to Sheriff Johnson’s comment. 

J.J. was reportedly playing in his front yard with his sisters when he walked into the unfenced backyard of a neighbor’s home.

The toddler allegedly banged on the neighbor’s back door, and they came out to investigate.

That’s when one of their pitbulls got out and attacked J.J. 

KFOR’s Brya Berry asked Adler directly if J.J. was left unattended. 

“Absolutely not,” said Adler. “JJ was doing what every kid in this state does. JJ was outside with his older siblings at his home, enjoying outdoor play on a Sunday. There’s nothing illegal about that.” 

The dog attack left J.J. with serious injuries. His eyes were dislocated, his jaw ​broke, and his nose was bitten off.

The owner signed orders to have their dog that attacked J.J. put down, but the investigation continues.

“The threat was not there until the neighbor created a dangerous situation, opened the door, and released that pack of dogs,” said Adler. “These kids weren’t left unattended for any period of time.” 

Alder claimed J.J.’s mother was in and out of the house all day, observing the kids.

“We’re running a full investigation to see where these charges land and who they can possibly land on,” said Sheriff Johnson.