Exclusive! Natasha Sharma reveals their pregnancy was unplanned: It came as a surprise

Exclusive! Natasha Sharma reveals their pregnancy was unplanned: It came as a surprise

Actor Natasha Sharma Redij announced her first pregnancy on social media, recently. The actor spoke at length about the pregnancy in an exclusive chat, revealing the baby wasn’t planned.

Na Aana Is Des Laado actor Natasha Sharma Redij is “overwhelmed” with the response she has been receiving after announcing her first pregnancy on Instagram last evening. “Lots of messages, comments and people are visiting me. It’s very overwhelming. It just sank in as it is my first pregnancy,” Sharma shares.

Sharma reveals that she has completed her first trimester and is in the “fourth month” of her pregnancy. Ask her how things have been going and she says the feeling has “just sank in”. “Initially you don’t even realise with the trips to the doctors. Ab Mujhe feel ho raha hai, where I can enjoy myself with the baby. Lately, I have been feeling a burst of energy. I’m doing more things and have been more active,” Sharma explains.

“We were thinking how to go about it,” Sharma says when asked about the moment she and actor husband Aditya Redij found out about the baby. “It is such big news when it breaks between a couple. So we were overwhelmed. And we realised now is the time to start a family,” she adds.

Interestingly, Sharma reveals that the couple had not planned the baby. “It came as a surprise. We were not planning it. This is the first time I have conceived. So we took it as God’s signal and we are going ahead with it. The year has begun on a beautiful note for us,” she exclaims.

The couple has been married for eight years now and Sharma feels the baby has made their bond stronger. After eight years of marriage, we are (still) very love stuck and into each other completely. The baby has made our bond stronger. The way he looks at me, treats me, it makes me wholesome from the inside,” she signs off.

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