Answers sought as trash ignored for weeks in SW Wichita neighborhood

Answers sought as trash ignored for weeks in SW Wichita neighborhood

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Living in filth with no explanation, residents of a manufactured home park in southwest Wichita say their trash hasn’t been picked up in weeks, turning their block into a landfill. One of the residents of Sleepy Hollow manufactured home park reached out to Eyewitness News in hopes of getting answers.

On her street, the Sleep Hollow resident said no one has picked up the trash in about a month.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s really frustrating because we do pay for it,” she said. “They haven’t even so much as offered us a reimbursement.”

Now, garbage bins are overflowing on the curb and trash is littering streets and yards across her block. The residents said she’s reached out to her property management company numerous times, with no answers.

“I’ve left messages for the lease agency. They’ve never called me back or even sent me a text message about what’s going on,” she said. “I’ve called everyone I can think of. This is literally my last resort to try to get this fixed.”

Eyewitness News spent the day Thursday trying to find answers, calling five phone numbers associated with Sleep Hollow and Vineyards Management. All but one were either disconnected or didn’t have a voicemail box set up. Eyewitness News also struck out when stopping by the leasing office.

“They ask us to pay 15 additional dollars on top of our rent and lot fees for trash service, the frustrated resident said. “And They got the money for every month. Yet, we haven’t gotten so much as a phone call as to why we still have trash.”

She said she wants to get the service she pays for each month and to no longer live in filth on her block.

Eyewitness News did leave a voice message for one phone number that actually rang and sent an email to Vineyards Management, asking what’s going on. Eyewitness News reporter Grant DeMars even sat outside the leasing office for about an hour Thursday afternoon, in case someone did show up.

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